Publisher FAQs:

How do I sign up for the Publisher account?

You can sign up by filling out the application form here.

Is the Publisher account really FREE?

YESSSSS! our publisher account is absolutely free : no registration, publishing or hidden charges.

What sort of eBooks can I publish on Parestan?

Any sort you can think of : Fiction, Non-Fiction, Cook Book, Magazines, Poetry etc.

What languages are supported by Parestan?

Parestan officially supports Urdu and English eBooks but you can submit eBook in other languages as well.
*Roman Urdu and other slang languages are not allowed.

If I self-publish my eBook on Parestan, will Parestan own my work?

No, Parestan will not own any of your eBooks. All the copyrights and ownership remains with you, Parestan will simply get permission to distribute and sell your eBook (on our platforms only) on your behalf.

How much Royalty Will I be Paid?

You will be paid a 70% royalty per eBook sold. Your earned royalties will be paid to you at the end of each month.

How is my royalty calculated?

Your royalty is calculated as:
Royalty per eBook = Price of eBook x 70% (A)
Royalty payable at the end of each month = number of eBooks sold x A

My eBooks will be available in what formats?

Your eBooks will be published as both PDF and EPUB book.

How do I log into my Publisher Dashboard?

You can log into your Publisher Dashboard by clicking on Publisher < Publisher Dashboard.

How will I submit my book to Parestan?

You are required to upload your manuscript through your Publisher Dashboard. Your manuscript must be a Word.docx file or a PDF file in case of comic books.

Will Parestan Format/Proof Read/ Design my eBook?

Parestan is a self-publishing platform meaning that the you are responsible for
1. Formatting.
2. Proof Reading.
3. Designing your book cover.
4. Editing.

Does Parestan only accept completed books?

Yes, we only accept completed book except of course it’s part of a series.