The Golden Girl


“How can you remain happy all the time, Mishal?” Izhaan asked curiously.
Pulling her hair to the back of her ear, Mishal replied thoughtfully, “Happy? Happiness is a trade off Izhaan. I only believe in spreading happiness, and it hugs me back all the time. So here is your rule # 01: Whatever you wish to have in your life, first give it to others and your life will be caressed by it in return. Be it is peace, happiness, joys, cheers, laughter, help, love, care, any emotion,”
“But this sounds impractical. How will I spread something which I myself don’t have?” Izhaan asked her in return.
“Hmm, a valid question. All humans innately possess all these abstract emotions. The need is to believe in yourself, and you’ll ace this rule!” Mishal replied with certainty.
Mishal continued, “No more questions on this Izhaan. I suggest you to give it a test, and then tell me if I failed. Is that fine?”
Izhaan nodded with surety that this rule will definitely fail, and he moved on the trail with her.
After suffering a heart break and death of her loving grandmother, Izhaan loses all the hopes in his life until he encounters several different events with the golden girl of his life, named Mishal. Mishal changes the course of his life, and he starts believing in life, happiness, love, and satisfaction.
Ten days, ten places and ten golden rules by Mishal. Before she could utter the last rule, she mysteriously disappears.
Will Izhaan ever find her back? Will Mishal convey the tenth rule? What is so special about these rules and particularly the tenth rule? Read to find out more.

Sold By Sana Alvi
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