The Ashes of Feelings


The Ashes of feelings is a fine addition in the world english poetry by Akasious.

The ashes of feelings is neither about the ashes nor about the feelings…!

It’s far away from your mainstream kind of poetry.

It is about the society which has never been fair, it’s about the people who never leave being judgemental, it’s about the life which has always been ruthless, it’s about the unrevealed truths people fail to utter, and the white lies people never fail to utter.

In the last few poems of the book the poet seems to be sensitive about the Palestinians and Kashmiris. Her poetry is more about the feelings she has for others than about her own self.

Collect the ashes of the feelings in every word of this book as she writes about the filthy judges of the society, the broken dreams due to society, the shattered feelings, the naked curtains, the nude realities, the broken rules of love, and about the victims of the so called system of Justice and more.

Reading this piece would help you discover a perspective you have never seen before.

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Lone Wolf: till last breath is the debut novel of Akasious and your money or time won’t be wasted if you consider buying it.

Regards, Akasious

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