Married to my Cousin

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A love story of a couple who hate each other but fell in love when their marriage was fixed. A feel good book which will make you cherish the love in your life with open hands and content. Each and every character has its unique part which you will enjoy and learn something from them.

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“How can you think that I will marry her, mom? No way. Not in this birth. I can’t handle her tantrums, her craziness and her attitude mostly. Whenever I see her I get irritated easily.”

“Keep your tone low, Mr. Khayyum. Did you forget how to talk to elders? Besides, it’s not my decision. Your dad selected her and I do feel Sheeba is a correct match for you rather than any other cousins of yours.” his mom, Amreen replied sternly.


“Why didn’t you all select my another cousin Afreen to marry that arrogant, rude and too much to marry Khayyum? You know how she have crush on him but still you decided to approve the decision taken by dad, bhai? How could you do that? Now I can’t talk normally with Afreen di. Most of all, what will Afreen di think about me?”

“Sheeba stop panicking about your sister. We all know how she is and she is not good for Khayyum. I know you hate him so much but I can’t find any negative reason to reject him. About Afreen, she will get a boy who can handle her well. I know you trust me, still I want to say, trust me one last time and you wouldn’t regret marrying him.” pleaded her brother, Afroz.

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  1. nmehraaz

    Excellent Read with an amazing end

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