His Hoor




Life has never been easy for me, nor I think it would ever be. After coming to my father ‘s place, I thought , I will be left alone . But I was wrong. My step mother couldn’t bear my presence for long and now I am being married at the age of 18. I can’t wish for something good , but I hope that things won’t get worse.


I am the head of Randhawa empire . I have put my days and nights to bring it to the heights, it is on today. I can never see it going in loss. For my hard work and my empire, I am going to marry the daughter of a person , I hate . I cant wait to make her regret the day she would marry me . I want to see, how much cunningness of her father, she had taken and how long it will keep her standing in front of me.

Hello friends , if you want to know more about them, check this story. Hopefully, you will like it .

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hina shiekh

book of a girl , who likes to give happy endings to the stories , which didnt have a chance in real life .

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