The Prime Minister of Watan and the country’s Army General have a difference in opinion over their ideology and principles. Who will win? Who will go behind bars? The events unfolding during this novella will keep you glued to its pages.

Sold By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar
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Our story takes place in the country of Watan. The hunger for the absolute rule has made Prime Minister Sohail Tariq take an unbelievable step that will jeopardize his political career. However, his intentions have already infuriated on Army General, Zeeshan Javed. The urge to become the sole leader of Watan and single-handedly control the country has compelled Prime Minister Tariq to break all protocol. Will someone stop him before he brings Watan to the brink of a political crisis?

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar is a writer and a columnist contributing articles to various print and digital publications of Pakistan since 2004. He has over 380 articles published to his name in print.

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