How to Successfully Self-Publish an eBook that Sells

eBook reading is becoming more and more popular as both fiction and non-fiction readers prefer buying an eBook over Paperback. Approaching an eBook is easier for more readers. According to Penguin Random House, 22% of books purchased are eBooks, and a whopping 42% of all book purchases are made online.

EBooks are a great way of building a readership and can help kickstart your writing career. With Parestan, self-publishing your eBook is not only free but as easy as 1,2,3.  But self-publishing an eBook that sells, requires planning, persistence and handwork.

Here are few tips that can help you successfully self-publish your first eBook:

1.    An Eye-Catching eBook Cover

One should never judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, readers mostly judge a book by its cover. Ask readers, and they’ll immediately be found guilty of buying books just because they fell in love with the cover. So, your eBook cover is the first thing that will catch their attention. We recommend that you either hire a professional graphic designer or use a free design tool like Canva. With Canva’s free eBook cover templates you’ll be able to design a decent cover for both English and Urdu eBooks.

A tip: Canva supports Arabic fonts, which are at the bottom of their list of fonts. You may not find them at first but don’t worry they are there.

2.    A Unique Title

After surveying the cover, a reader’s eyes travel up to the title and the author’s name. Give extra time and thought to the title of your eBook. An impressive and intriguing title will catch the reader’s eye and will compel them to know more about the content of your eBook. If the reader likes the cover and the title of your eBook, consider it half sold.

Make sure your title is not too familiar… does not match with already published work, is not boring and too cliché.

3.    Write A Compelling eBook Description

Write a description that hooks the readers ‑‑ makes them want to know more about what goes on inside your eBook. Introduce your protagonists, drop hints and riddles in your description. But do not write a complete summary of the story. Don’t write a description that is either too long or too short to even give a glimpse. Find the sweet spot!

Another way to convince the readers is to add reviews in the description. Most authors send ARCs (advance readers copy) to bloggers, journalists, influencer and celebrities before the eBook is published. They then include these reviews in the description.

4.    Learn “The Art of Marketing and Selling”

The plain fact is this, writing and publishing an eBook alone is not enough to sell it. No matter how good of writer you are, you HAVE to market and build an audience for your eBook. Readers are more likely to buy an eBook that was either suggested to them by someone they know or that keeps popping up in front of their eyes. A marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your eBook and is something that you have to pre-plan.

Start a Blog: Blogging is a great way of building an audience and drive traffic to your eBook.

Social Media: Connect with your readers through social media. You don’t have to be active on all platforms. Just choose one or two and stick with them.

Giveaways: Giveaways are the most trending and effective marketing strategy. Send free copies of your eBook to book bloggers and ask them for reviews in return. The more people talk about your book, the better.

Discounts and Sale: Let’s face it, we all love discounts. With Parestan you have full control over not only the price but the sale price as well. So why not take advantage of it?

Book clubs: Share your eBook in book clubs.

Online Advertisements: Paid advertisements like Google and Facebook ads are also great ways of targeting and driving traffic to your eBook.

5.    Editing and Formatting Matters

We STRONGLY recommend that you do not publish an un-edited or un-formatted eBook.     This will do nothing but harm. Customers want value for their money; no one wants to pay for an   unfinished product. We are quite sure that most of you can easily format an eBook on your own  but editing will be much harder. Hire a professional who can do it right for you.       

6.    Price It Right!

Self-publishing your eBook on Parestan is absolutely FREE. So even if you hire a professional designer, editor and formatter, the cost per eBook you sell is minimal. This gives you the leverage to sell your eBook at low prices to attract customers. Start small; don’t over price your eBook. Even if a reader is tempted to read your eBook, they’ll still weigh their opinions after having a look at the price. 


Successfully self-publishing an eBook that readers love is no difficult task, if done right; great title, eye catching cover, compelling description, professionally edited and formatted. Also make sure that you have a solid marketing strategy pre-planned.

Muntaha Ahmad


Hi, my name is Muntaha Ahmad, I am a poetry and fiction writer. I am a blogger and love to share my thoughts through poetry and prose on Instagram. Apart from writing you may find me behind a camera, or between a paint splatter, or even with a mic singing song after song like a radio station.

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