Here’s How You Can Publish Your Book in Pakistan in 5 Minutes and Start Earning.

Are you a Pakistani author or a writer? Do you have a manuscript and looking for a publisher? Don’t know where to go and how to get your book published in Pakistan?

Let us introduce you to Parestan.

Parestan (پرستان) is an eBook store and a self-publishing platform that helps writers and authors to self-publish their manuscript as an eBook and earn royalties from it. The best part is… it’s totally FREE!

If you’re a newbie then the terms “Self-Publishing” and “eBook” must have flown over your head. Don’t worry; everything will be clear in a minute.

An eBook is a digital version of a traditional book which can be read on electronic devices such as a mobile, tablet and a computer. The image below illustrates what an eBook looks like.

Self-publishing means that instead of relying on a publisher/publishing company to turn your manuscript into a book, you do it yourself.

How does Parestan work?

Publishing your book on Parestan is as easy as 1-2-3.  All you have to do is

1.  Sign up for a free publisher account by clicking on the link down below.

2. After signing up, check your email for the log in link. Log into your Publisher Dashboard.

3. Using this step by step guide upload your manuscript to Parestan.

4. After approval your manuscript will be published as a PDF and an ePUB eBook.

How Will I Get Paid?

Parestan pays authors a 70% royalty of the list price on the sale of each eBook. For Example, if you set the price of your eBook as Rs.100 then Parestan will pay your Rs.70 whenever a customer purchases it. All the royalties are paid at the end of each month.

What Are The Benefits Of Publishing On Parestan?

1.  All the copyrights (and ownership) will remain with you.

2. You can publish the same manuscript on other platforms as well.

3. The price of your eBook is set by you and you alone.

4. Control everything related to your eBook: price, promotional or discounted price and description etc.

5. Sell your eBook to customers all over Pakistan and around the world. We support many payment options: Masterpass QR, JazzCash Account, VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay and Bank Transfers.

6. We support eBooks in both English and Urdu languages.

7. Dedicated publisher dashboard with real time data monitoring.

(Image of Publisher Dashboard)

8. Parestan supports online PDF and ePUB viewers, no downloading; your eBooks are not only safe but provide a great reading experience.

9. Join or leave the platform at any time. A five days prior notice must be given before leaving.

Isn’t this amazing, now there’s literally nothing stopping you from fulfilling your dreams.

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