4 Powerful Spells To Defeat Writer’s Block

Writers are peculiar creatures. You can make two writers sit in one carriage … go in one direction, but they’ll be on two different journeys at the same time. However, there is one character that will be lurking in every writer’s story and he’s no ordinary character either…

The Antagonist

I’m talking about none other than the infamous “Writer’s Block”. He is the Voldemort in our lives … The One Who Can Not Be Tamed! As a writer I know first-hand how frustrating writer’s block can be, but not to fear my dear Harry Potters, because I am going to teach you four powerful spells that will put an end to “You Know Who.”  So Accio your wands and get ready.

My first and foremost spell is Campanio.”

This spell requires that you get help from your fellow writers or literary companions. Share your work with them, and ask for their suggestions or critique. Go through their work as well.  Reading a fellow writer’s work always fills me with inspiration, motivation or even competition. Sometimes a healthy rivalry and competition … like that between Harry and Malfoy, is all you need to get rid of “You Know Who.”

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My second powerful spell is Writio” *another wink*

Grab that Writer’s Block and poke him with your pen. Write about him, guys! Your pen is no ordinary utensil! It has the power to change destinies. Use your pen and give his story a beginning, a climax and an end.  Make him your protagonist, write a poem about his mischiefs, give him a face and stick your tongue out at him, or make him meet a tragic end.  Become the master of your Writer’s Block.

My third spell is Fastidious.”

(Didn’t have to think much about that one … phew!)

I, myself, am very organized and fastidious. During writer’s block, I like to organise my work to stay close to my writings. I find this task very comforting as it immediately wears off the negative vibes that writer’s block is giving you. Collect and archive your work in one place! Organise the chapters of your books, make folders according to genres, and make backups of your work, because it’s precious! I also go through my journals to make sure my poems are in order, and believe me this is most “Satisfying” task ever. This process also helps me come across errors and minor flaws that I have overlooked in my previous work. Revising old work can lead to new and interesting ideas.

The forth powerful spell is “Musincantato.”

This melodious spell will help you take off your mind form “You Know Who” with the help of some relaxing music. Music is a powerful magical art that can teleport your astral-body form one realm to another. Writer’s block is defenseless against it. This spectacular spell will not only ward away the “Dark Wizard” but will also open new doors of imagination. Never underestimate the power of melodies!

I am certain that these powerful spells will aid you in defeating the antagonist of your story. This world needs your magic right now … those hundreds and thousands of people need amazing writers like you. So you better get back to all those books you have been working on and bring them out into the world. And if you’re ready then read HERE’S HOW YOU CAN PUBLISH YOUR BOOK IN PAKISTAN IN 5 MINUTES AND START EARNING.

If you’ve conjured any spell on your own then share them with us in the comments. Our lab is always open for more potions and spells!

Stay at home, stay safe and start creating magic!

Muntaha Ahmad


Hi, my name is Muntaha Ahmad, I am a poetry and fiction writer. I am a blogger and love to share my thoughts through poetry and prose on Instagram. Apart from writing you may find me behind a camera, or between a paint splatter, or even with a mic singing song after song like a radio station.

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